What is Human-centered Design?

Human Centered Design?

Inbound Marketing

It all started with Inbound Marketing  1 when the Internet shifted the control of the sales transaction from the sales professional to the consumer. The power of the Internet meant that consumers could educate themselves, discover alternatives, compare products and basically complete what originally was the “sales cycle” before they even spoke with a salesperson.

Business Modelling

The next step was Business Modelling2 and the MVP3 . Customer Focused business model that looked to the customer to determine how to build the business. The Customer Discovery4 process simply codified this into a detailed and scientific method.

Human Centered Design

In my opinion, the Human Centered Design5 is the distillation of all the above into a clear compact process for discovering solutions, generating ideas or simply understanding the current reality around us. The following is an introductory explanation of the HCD approach produced by the leaders in this field, the IDEO People6 .


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