How to Build a Startup – Workshop

How does Learning Lean assist you in apply the Lean Startup Method to your initiative?

  • Learning Lean provides you access to the best online learning material available!
  • We then match that with step-by-step support through an online Slack community.
  • Finally, we offer additional optional coaching (on the use of tools) and/or mentoring (over-your-shoulder support in meeting your specific real-world challenge).

The Course

We use Steve Blank’s “How to Build a Startup” as the backbone of our online curriculum. We supplement his Udacity course material with additional video and reading material that we feel will help you grasp the full power of the ideas taught, and their real-world application.

The Community

Along each step of the way, as you work through the course material, Learning Lean provides you a moderated Slack community where you, and others working through the same “How to Build a Startup” course, can both receive answers from our experienced facilitators as well as exchange ideas, insights and experiences with your fellow course participants.


There are numerous software tools that can make your collaboration more effective and help you manage the Lean Startup process. The Learning Lean facilitators are available for the duration of the twelve weeks “How to Build a Startup” course to answer your questions and provide you with the support you need to use these tools effectively.


Finally, upon completion of the hands-on course, if you’d like one of Learning Lean’s Lean Startup professionals to help you apply the process to your specific real-life challenge, we can arrange to be there for you for the duration at a cost your can afford.

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