August 19, 2016

Learning Lean

The Challenge of Lean

The objective of Learning Lean is to help interested individuals and teams learn “Lean” concepts and to assist them in gaining a hands-on mastery of the methods and tools that implement them.

What Do I Have to Offer?

As an IT professional with over twenty-five years experience in “translating” technology into terms my clients (and students) could understand, I’ve had plenty of practice with communicating complex concepts into reasonable clear English.

As a trainer and later educator responsible for creating courses that others would teach, I’ve also field tested on generations of unsuspecting students innovative teaching methods and course-ware.

As one of the pioneers in online training and education ( and in the fall of 1994) I also have a wealth of experience in exploiting Internet-based services to create effective 24/7 learning environments.

Finally, with twenty-five years of experience in the application of technology to achieve business & organisational objectives, and as a recently retired consultant, I have plenty of time to share my hard earned knowledge and experience with others!

What Are You Looking For?

You aspire to create a product or service that benefits others while providing you with both a creative challenge and the opportunity to better your material status? You are aware that Business Modelling and its various derivatives have become the tool of choice for Startups and conventional businesses that want to break out of the constraints of outdated and less effective business methods.

If the above describes you, we are both in luck. You’ve found someone interested in helping you succeed, and I’ve discovered someone who might appreciate and benefit from what I have to offer.

One-Stop Resource for Everything Lean

Learning Lean aspires to provide a single address for everything you require in order to learn about “Lean” methodologies as well as practical guides for implementing them. To this end you will find the following resources associated with our service: