August 19, 2016

Learning Lean Workshops & Seminars

Educational Approach

The best way to learn is by doing! All Learning Lean’s seminars and workshops are structured so that every concept taught is subsequently applied by the participants to an in-class project. As in real life, each participant will be a member of a ‘team’ who work ( and argue ) together to apply the material covered in the presentation portion of the workshops.

Current Workshops

  • Minimum Value Proposition – Lean Canvas Cornerstone
  • Customer Discovery – Getting Out of the Building
  • Business Modelling – the Nuts & Bolts of Running a Business
  • Playing Lean – Lean Startup Management Simulation


To create the kind of dynamics that generates ideas and challenges participants, there needs to be a critical mass of participants. At the same time, too many participants can bog the process down dragging out the learning and making it difficult to complete the syllabus in one session.

Our prefered audience size is:

  • Minimum three members per team and a minimum of three teams.
  • Maximum four members per team and a maximum of five teams. (With the exception of ‘Playing Lean’ where the maximum is three members and four teams.)


Learning Lean has prepared a series of short video presentations on Youtube We strongly encourage all workshop participants to review these videos, a 30 minute exercise, before coming to a workshop. In this way we can minimize the need to teach the obvious and focus on the aspects with which people need assistance.


Learning Lean does not charge for the opportunity to evangelize Lean Startup ideas. We do request compensation for travel expenses (against receipts provided). If none-the-less your organization insisted on providing an honorarium for our services, we stipulate that the monies be donated to a local charity of your choice in our name.

Contact Us

Give us a call to exlore which of our workshops can best bring your team or organizaton into the Lean Startup world!