August 19, 2016

Learning Lean Presentations

Whether you are interested in an intimate get together for your team or a formal presentation to a larger audience, we can deliver a quality and informative experience. As long as you are offering us the opportunity to share the value and power of Lean approaches to business / product / or service development – we’re interested.

Recent Presentations

Here are some of the presentations we’ve recently delivered:

  • Isn’t ‘Lean’ Simply the New Buzzword?
  • Minimum Value Proposition – The Key to Lean
  • Lean Marketing – Inbound Marketing’s Missing Piece
  • Lean Career Planning – Your Entire Career Past & Future on One Sheet of Paper

We are willing to prepare additional presentations on other aspects of “Lean” applications upon request.


Learning Lean does not charge for the opportunity to evangelize Lean Startup ideas. We do request compensation for travel expenses ( against receipts provided). If none-the-less your organization insisted on providing an honorarium for our services, we stipulate that the monies involved be donated to a local charity of your choice in our name.

Contact Us

Give us a call to exlore which of our presentations can best introduce your team or organizaton to the Lean Startup world!