August 19, 2016

Learning Lean Courses

True to the Lean approach to everything, we are waiting to solicit more feedback before we invest time and energy in the creation of a course. There is no point in creating a course nobody needs or wants!
In the meantime we can make a number of recommendations.

How to Build a Startup – Udemy Course

Created and lead by Steve Blank, the “father” of Customer Discovery and the professor and mentor of Eric Reis of “Lean Startup”. The course requires a minimum of twenty hours over a one month period. It is recommended to work through the course as a small group. There are no tuition fees of other fees to take this course!–ep245

Business Model Canvas – Youtube Playlist

Alex Osterwalder, the author of Business Model Canvas, together with the Kaufman Institute, created an animated six video series of vignettes to introduce newcomers to the Business Modeling paradigm and to communicate to the viewer some of its advantages. You can find this playlist on our Youtube channel .