August 19, 2016

Learning Lean Coaching & Mentoring

Individuals or teams interested in additional assistance in their efforts to harness the full potential of “Lean” methods, have two options:


If the assistance is totally focused on the methodology, how to use the tools, how to effectively employ the methods, we call that “Coaching”. The structure of the coaching relationship includes these elements:

  • A limited time framework with a pre agreed upon duration;
  • After an initial number of agreed upon training sessions which will review all the steps in the Lean Canvas process and all the tools, subsequent sessions will be at the request of the client;
  • The consultant will not be involved in the content of the process but only the meta level of how the process works.


In Mentoring the consultant, in addition to their coaching or training responsibilities, becomes a member of the team. A Mentoring relationship has the following characteristics:

  • The consultant is expected to have as much opportunity to contribute to the content of the process as any other team member;
  • The relationship is open ended but both the consultant and the client can initiate meetings;


Unlike our ‘evangelizing’ activity, we expect to receive compensation for coaching or mentoring. In both cases we distinguish between face-to-face encounters and video conferencing via the Internet. In addition we have an “off-line” rate for time invested in your project than can be accomplished without your presence at times convenient for us. Our rate schedule is as follows:

  • Face-to-Face Encounters : $54 US / hr
  • Virtual Meetings : $36 US / hr
  • Off-Line Activity : $18 US / hr ( including travel time for face-to-face encounters)

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