Are You an Entrepreneur?

Do you feel that your creativity doesn’t fit the conventional business environment?

Do you yearn for a lifestyle that isn’t bound to nine to five?

Are you passionate about learning?

Are your ideas considered unconventional?

Do you feel the need to do things, accomplish things?

Do you aspire to change the world?

If you’ve answered yes to even a few of the above questions you probably are entrepreneurial, at least in spirit? The next question is:

How do you translate that self-awareness into something concrete?

Although the fundamental personality traits of successful entrepreneurs are probably innate, the skills they require to successfully launch a new idea are learnable! This understanding has revolutionized business school curriculum in the last decade. New approaches to launching a business or a social impact initiative have been pioneered and proven wildly successful. The general term used to describe them is “Lean Startup”.

But let’s be honest. It is a brutal fact of life that not every business idea succeeds! So how can you minimize the risk to your initiative and maximize its likelihood of success? The answer to that is clear to anyone who has ever worked through a Lean Startup process – learn the tools and systematically and diligently apply them to clarify your idea’s viability before you invest time and money!

That’s where Learning Lean comes in. When it comes to creating new businesses . . . we’ve been there, done that, and we have the very (still) painful scars to prove it. But OUR experience was acquired BEFORE the new approach to launching a new business initiative were common knowledge. Reviewing what we experienced in light of what we’ve learned by coaching our consulting clients in recent years demonstrated that essentially we made every mistake in the books.

Why learn from us? Together with course curriculum created and supported by industry leaders like Alex Osterwalder (Business Modelling), Steve Blank (Customer Discovery), Eric Ries (Lean Startup), Ash Maurya (Leanstack) and others, we can guide you through the process of acquiring the skills you need to translate your idea into a successful business – and avoid the mistakes we’ve made! We can also share the most successful experience of our many clients over the past decade as business consultants.

Interested in exploring how you can acquire the knowledge and skills to increase the chances of success for your new initiative (commercial or social)?  Check out Learning Lean’s online workshop designed to help you accomplish exactly that!