August 19, 2016

About Yoel

When you’ve done it all . . .

  • Software development;
  • End-User computing support;
  • Programming Instructor;
  • Software Engineering educator;
  • Online Business consultant;

. . . and when you’ve finally decided to step down from leadership and management roles, what do you do? While pondering this question, I thought of the motto I’ve used to describe what I do these past thirty years:

People helping People benefit from Technology!

Please notice the emphasis on ‘people’, the operative word is ‘benefit’ and the means of delivering it is the effective utilization of appropriate technologies!

Lean Startup Revolution

Having recently “discovered” the Lean Startup (Business Modelling) approach to business development and seen it’s successful application to several different business challenges, I can’t think of anything more valuable to share with aspiring entrepreneurs and existing business owners than a powerful tool, likely to benefit them and increase their chances of success!

Availing myself of my decades of experience in technology, its application to business & marketing together with my experience as a trainer and educator, I’ve decided to become a self-appointed Lean Startup Evangelist!

So, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur or an existing business owner serious about increasing your chances of success, give me a call. I’d like nothing better than to explore how Lean methodologies might help improve your chances of ultimate success!

To Learn More About Me

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